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Shaun White Files Lawsuit Against Oakley For Promoting After Contract Expiration

Who will win this monumental case?
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Olympic gold medal snowboarder and legendary snowboarder Shaun White filed a lawsuit against sunglasses industry giant Oakley, claiming that they used his name and likeness in their advertisements after the contract he had with the corporation expired. The licensing deal that Shaun White had with Oakley expired in December of 2017, and they still used his name and images for their online advertising and promotions without proper compensation.

Not only was he used to continue to promote the Oakley brand, but his likeness was used in Sunglass Hut promotions as well. The gray area of this matter is that the promotional material they used was from the XXIII Olympic Winter Games that were held in South Korea. Shaun White is saying that he did not give the corporation permission to use his likeness in any further advertisements, and that they were used without his permission or knowledge.

Since Oakley and Sunglass Hut have a substantial marketing presence online, it is turning out to be a tougher process that it seemed to remove him from their advertisements. Shaun White is seeking an unspecified amount in damages for the claim, so we will see how Oakley responds and how this pans out in court. If it even gets to that point.

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